Residential Service & Repairs

All ponds, lakes and water features require service and repairs. We have a full service and repair department for your residential needs. We provide weekly, monthly, or annual service customized to fit your needs.

Annual Service:

  • Drain and clean
  • Pond check up
  • Clean and inspect pump and filtration system
  • Check automatic fill valves
  • Fill pond and add water conditioners
  • Check chemical levels and reintroduce beneficial bacteria for a safe fish environment


Monthly / Weekly Service:

  • Clean out strainers on all pumps
  • Clean impeller free from debris on all pumps
  • Backwash or clean all filters
  • Clean out skimmers
  • Sweep and skim debris from all bodies of water
  • Check light bulbs
  • Monitor timers, overflow and refill valves
  • Check all chemical levels
  • Check for any needed repairs


Most Common Water Feature Repairs:

Leaks:  Elite Ponds uses a variety of products to repair leaks. The product used is determined based on the time frame repair needs to be completed, type of pond or water feature, and the environment needed for fish.

Concrete Water Feature Resurfacing: "Our Specialty"  - Over time ponds lose their color or chip and crack. Elite Ponds seals and resurfaces water features, restoring them to their original brilliance.

Under-sized Filtration Systems & High Energy Pumps: These are found in many water features that were constructed several years ago. With new technology comes more efficient pumps and filtration systems. Elite Ponds will evaluate and install the most efficient equipment for our customers' water feature needs. 

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